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Since the beginning of time, pearls have inspired the imagination and won over hearts – characteristics found in jewelry manufacturer Gellner’s history, too. This history is one characterized by a love for cultured pearls and a fascination with their extraordinary magic; a love to which we’ve always been faithful.


Today, Jorg Gellner heads the company founded by his parents, Heinz and Tove Gellner, in 1967. The second generation continues this leadership with devoted passion. The Spirit of Pearls signifies the combination of business values and a love for jewelry. It’s this very spirit that has created a success story between selected beautiful cultured pearls and design. 


"We are convinced that aesthetics can not exist without ethics. Responsibility is the prerequisite for

beauty. A thought that we, as market pioneers, implement consistently into our company and brand culture.”

Jörg Gellner

Gellner is a personal name and an official brand; both are inseparably connected. This is the source of our commitment to care responsibly for our employees, their work, and their working environment. Our business relationships are characterized by business integrity and personal honesty. Gellner believes in the responsible use of resources and in making a commitment to protect the oceans’ ecosystems: the cultured pearls’ home. 

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