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"We are convinced that aesthetics can not exist without ethics. Responsibility is the prerequisite for beauty. A thought that we, as market pioneer, implement consistently into our company and brand culture."

Jörg Gellner, CEO



Blue Luxury refers to both rare products that originate from the ocean, and the regenerative potential of the seas. Pearl farming combines both. On the one hand, it is active environmental protection that can only take place in areas of the highest water quality, often in remote places far away from civilization; on the other hand, the pearls themselves are an exquisite product of the water and pearl oysters.

Gellner pearls stem from personal friendships with the best farmers in the world. The securing of

pearls for Gellner also involves taxing journeys to pearl farms in search of the world´s most beautiful pearls. Through the chain of custody, Gellner can provide complete proof of origin for every single Gellner pearl. The exceptional quality and aesthetics of a Gellner pearl can only be achieved in waters that meet the highest environmental standards, thus contributing to the preservation of our blue planet: this is Blue Luxury.

In addition, thanks to the oysters´ high filtration performance, water quality is improved and damage caused by environmental pollution is greatly reduced. Each individual oyster filters around 240 liters of water per day in order to obtain vital nutrients. This enormous filtration performance enables them to be more effective than any mechanical or chemical purification process.

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Gellner pearls belong to the most beautiful in the world. This demands high personal commitment. At least four times a year, Jörg Gellner travels to Asia to take part in the auctions of the world´s most important pearl farmers. This means that there are no anonymous Gellner pearls. Every pearl sold under the name of Gellner can be traced back to its exact origin through the chain of custody. In the Gellner pearl atelier, each individual Gellner pearl is examined, evaluated and classified in detail once again, after which it is assigned its destination: whether as a solitary pearl in jewellery designs or

combined with its “siblings” in necklaces. The selection criteria are based on shape, colour, lustre and size. From oyster to jewellery piece, the Gellner value chain is transparent for each individual Gellner pearl, guaranteeing its special quality.


When buying gold, Gellner also relies on "urban mining", which is the most sustainable method of extracting gold. "Urban mining" is the recycling of old gold, a process that returns old gold to the material cycle.

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Raw Diamond


Our natural diamonds fulfill all the criteria of the Kimberley Process, which stops trade in conflict diamonds. The Kimberly Process is intended to help ensure that the trade in diamonds benefits the national development of the countries of origin. The focus is, for example, on facilities for important social structures such as hospitals and schools.

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