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Pacific Sunset

Tahitian looks, full of warmth and beauty


The unique colour magic of shimmering Tahitian pearls fascinates through their fine silver tones and exquisite warm notes.  Their beauty triggers our emotions because we associate them with the infinite glitter of the sea, sun, warmth, and paradisiacal beauty.

Gellner's creations succeed in capturing this incomparable spectrum of colours and sensual silky feel of Tahitian pearls. Especially seductive are the masterpieces from the successful «Castaway» and «Rendezvous» lines.

Tahitian Sun: the exclusive line from Gellner where will you find this range of impressive brown and bronze notes. This is shown wonderfully in casual jewellery with Tahitian pearls and mother-of-pearl elements in flattering warm brown shades. Very special and rare in the masterpieces from  «Melange».

Enjoy the colours of Pacific Sunset on your skin and in your jewellery. Discover it here.

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