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Cultured pearls are small wonders of nature. Their crystalline layers contain both minerals as well as moisture. That’s why the goal of correct care and cleaning is to prevent damage to the pearls’ sensitive surface and to protect them from improper storage. 






Keep your cultured pearls in a soft cloth, as this will ensure they are protected. Never store them in cotton, since they can dry out if you do. The best fabric to use for storing pearls is pure silk. 


Your cultured pearls will enjoy a gentle cleaning. Use only pure water. Cultured pearls should always be cleaned after wearing with a soft, damp cloth. If your cultured pearls have gotten especially dirty, you can clean them using a very mild soap solution (a few drops of liquid soap in water works best). Afterwards, rinse them again in pure water and dry them off with a soft cloth. Never use other gold or silver cleaning agents which contain chemicals.

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