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Swanlake Clubbing:

Innovative design with flawless aesthetics. 

Nothing looks more festive and simultaneously so perfectly natural than the breathtaking elegance of South Sea pearls. Their substantial size and sensational shimmer make them the stars of our creations. Inspired by the elegance of classical ballet and transformed into a night on the town! Into modern sophistication. Into what Gellner stands for Advanced Luxury.

Cool elegance in white fascinates in Gellner design icons like the pearl tension ring or pointed earrings of puristic design. Also in combination with diamonds, as rings or bracelets. Depending on the occasion and context, the creations unfold with either a festive or a decidedly refined effect. They are enchanting for leisure, business and evening.

White in white uses the example of «Castaway» to show exquisite South Sea pearls in combination with white gold and diamonds, or with silver Akoya pearls and silver-bright diamond beads. Innovative design with flawless aesthetics: Swanlake Clubbing.

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