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Magnets develop strong magnetic fields and strong mechanical forces that may create hazards

to people who use them. Everybody who handles magnets should observe this.



GELLNER GmbH & Co. KG refuse liability for damages or/and injuries caused by improper use and handling of the magnets and accessories delivered. With the purchase of the magnets you acknowledge that you read the safety instructions and inform others about these precautions when giving the magnets away.


Health precautions

When handling magnets be careful as they can physically injure you if not treated with respect. Big NdFeB + SmCo magnets are the strongest available and can cause physical injury (from size 10 mm). These magnets should be handled with protective gloves and glasses. Strong magnets should be kept away from children as well as very small magnets because of the danger of injuries or swallowing.

These magnets can create hazards through chipping, shattering or pinching on impact. Always make sure that magnetised magnets are under control when they come in contact with each other or with ferromagnetic materials.

Many NdFeB + SmCo magnets are nickel coated to which some people may have an allergic reaction. We recommend gold or silver plated magnets for jewelry use. Magnets, if handled correctly, should have no negative impact on the human body. Sometimes they are even used for healing purposes. Always strike the right balance.


Material and production

NdFeB + SmCo magnets are manufactured from rare powder materials under high pressure and are then coated with thin metal layers. The material is brittle and can easily break or be damaged on the surface when two or more magnets come in contact. The basic material can create sparks through contact, and sparking may ignite. Because of the fire hazard grinding must be avoided. Do not burn them. The magnets will produce toxic fumes when exposed to heat. To fix magnets on surfaces use glue if there are no fixing devices already on the magnet.


Danger for electronic equipment

Sensitive electronic instruments and devices may change calibration or be damaged by a powerful magnetic field. Keep magnets away from magnetic storage media i.e. cassette tapes, credit card strips etc. as well as from electronic equipment such as computers, televisions, laptops, MP3 players, mobile phones, digital cameras, radios etc. Keep magnets away from people with pacemakers or motorised insulin pumps.

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