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Some 5,000 kilometers away from any kind of civilisation and the detriments of industrial society, the atoll Marutea Sud is not only a paradise in the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean, but is also home to the world’s most exquisite cultured pearls.

People desire nice things, especially if they are rare and valuable. We desire them because we know that few others can have them, because they come from far away or because their history fascinates us. At Gellner we have taken this to heart, and have been searching for the rarest, most beautiful pearls in the world since the founding of our company over 50 years ago. We have always been fascinated by Tahiti cultured pearls, which never cease to amaze us with their

extraordinary size of 8 to 18 millimeters, their unique radiance and their intoxicating color spectrum. This is why we are particularly proud that we have recently succeeded in procuring the finest Tahiti cultured pearls, exclusively for our customers: the incomparable rarities from Marutea, our ”Marutea Private Culture” pearls.


Marutea Sud is a lonely atoll in French Polynesia, privately owned by Robert Wan, one of the most famous pearl farmers in the world. He is considered “the king of Tahiti pearls”, and over the years has become a close business partner and friend of the Gellner family. He bought the island in 1984 for five million dollars, and since then its value is estimated to have grown fivefold. Totally isolated, untouched and far from any civilization or industry, it is located in the Tuamotu archipelago, surrounded by often unexplored nature. Here, in the serene waters of the southern Pacific Ocean, the unique Marutea cultured pearl is created under climatic conditions that are not to be found elsewhere in the world. Completely encircled by a protective coral reef, Marutea

is embedded in waters of extraordinary quality, and being located on the same latitude of Australia means that there are ’small’ seasons and therefore only minute fluctuations in water temperature. This is unlike all other atolls in the island kingdom of Tahiti. In the summer it’s warm

enough to guarantee the extraordinary growth of the oysters and their pearls, in winter it’s just cold enough to ensure the dense surface structure of the pearls’ coating is created, leading to its incomparable metallic luster. The water quality is also unique.

Marutea cultured pearls are so seldom in quality and aesthetic that they are naturally limited. A maximum of 100 necklaces and only a few solitaires can be produced each year from only the very finest of the already outstanding winter harvest. At Gellner, these pearls are marketed exclusively in the German-speaking sphere and marked with our trademark logo. With every purchase one should be assured that one has found a piece of perfection with us, a very private pleasure that will not go unnoticed among jewelry enthusiasts and pearl connoisseurs.

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