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Marutea Private Culture is only available worldwide from Gellner. Marutea cultured pearls are Tahitian cultured pearls that only grow on one of Robert Wan's private atolls: Marutea Sud. They fascinate with a previously unseen colour spectrum with an almost metallic lustre. A very special rarity are their Peacock-variants, which cover the pearls with an iridescent green tone- similar to the play of colours of a peacock feather.

The reason for this is an ocean current at a depth of two hundred metres, which brings particularly nutrient-rich water to the oyster beds. The oysters react to this with an optimal and rapid growth. As a result, a particularly dense crystal structure of the mother-of-pearl is created, resulting in their extraordinary lustre.

Marutea cultured pearls are rare in terms of their quality and aesthetics, and they are naturally very limited in their occurrence. From the top part of an outstanding winter harvest, a maximum of one hundred necklaces and several solitaires can be made each year, which are exclusively marketed by Gellner for German-speaking countries. They bear the Gellner signet as a mark of distinction for their qualitative and aesthetic uniqueness.


Marutea cultured pearls are among the rarest

and most beautiful cultured pearls in the world.

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