GELLNER Maxima the world's biggest South Sea cultured pearl necklace

Every single South Sea pearl of the necklace “Maxima” is a rare and royal gift of nature, each one a true Queen. Twenty one of them united in a single necklace: unique and so far unrivaled. “Maxima” is the highlight and coronation of pearl culture’s 115 years old history. Never before has there been a necklace of this size and fineness. Worldwide no necklace ever before has united so many extraordinary and perfectly matched South Sea pearls in this quality.


In the center of the 46 cm (18 inches) long spectacular necklace is a unique cultured pearl measuring 20 millimeter diameter. She is surrounded by 20 more South Sea pearls in dream sizes of 18 and 19 millimeter and three diamond pavé spheres set with 630 brilliant cut diamonds in finest quality and a total weight of 20.23 ct. It took many years and countless pearl harvests until “Maxima” was finished in her full glory and excellent fineness. Gellner is proud to have been given the privilege to own and offer “Maxima”.


Their coronation is now found in “Maxima” – a necklace which is second to none.


A necklace which is second to none.



HER ENTRANCE: glamorous and magical. 

HER LUSTRE: AAA, deep and tempting.

HER FORM: perfect round. 

HER COLOR: fine white. 

HER SURFACE: nearly flawless. 

AND HER SIZE: simply breathtaking!