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GELLNER Maxima the world's biggest South Sea cultured pearl necklace


Maximal in every way

The value: a unique highlight in the history of pearl cultivation.

The lustre: of the highest radiance and unparalleled quality.

The colour: white, with the subtlest rosé nuances.

The form: perfect round.

The surface: almost flawless.

The size: absolutely breathtaking.

The prestige: unmatched anywhere in the world.

The provenance: Gellner- Europe´s leading pearl specialist.

Unique in the world, Maxima is without a doubt a peak in the history of cultured pearls. As

the queen of all necklaces, Maxima fascinates with her incredibly perfect aesthetic that

deserves the positive superlatives she evokes.

These perfectly round South Sea pearls, with an amazing diameter of 18-20mm and lustre

reaching a Top AAA rating, are almost never to be found.


The surface of these pearls is almost flawless, and their fine white-rosé colour is one of the

most coveted shades of all. The splendour of these stunning pearls is further enhanced by

three diamond balls, with a total of 630 brilliant-cut diamonds of more than 20 carats: The

only possible match to rival the beauty of Maxima.


To put together such a necklace would normally be impossible. Maxima demands an

extremely high quality from every single pearl that it consists of. It takes many years and

excellent crops to save up every single pearl of this quality. Add to that luck and the power of chance, essential factors in the creation of any natural product.

The diamond balls are the precious substitutes for the two remaining pearls that could not

yet be found. To succeed at some point with the discovery of the two remaining pearls, it is

necessary to have friendly relations with the best breeders in the world. A deep trust and

understanding from these pearl farmers allows them to part with their exceptional pearls.

Jörg Gellner succeeded at making this happen.


The pearls in Maxima come from the premium farm “Clipper Pearls”. It is located far away

from any civilization, in the waters of Quangdong Point by the north coast of Australia. Only breeding in such pristine waters can lead to such outstanding results.


With 21 pearls and 46cm in length, Maxima celebrates Gellner´s innovative and aesthetic

spirit and competence as Europe´s leading pearl brand. Never before has there been a

necklace quite like Maxima, and it will be hard to come by a second time. Even “unfinished”,

Maxima is so perfect that it represents the pinnacle of pearl luxury. In the name of Gellner.

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