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Simply visionary: Advanced Luxury.

Being the first to combine skillfully drilled diamonds with

pearls in classic modern jewellery, Gellner`s Castaway Line

has proven to be far ahead of the times through i t s 20-year


What we refer to as “advanced luxury” at Gellner is the precious combination of extravagance and discretion. A field of tension is created between anthracite-coloured diamonds,

silver-coloured Tahitian pearls of a very special intensity, and

rose-gold elements. These create a stunning balance between

restraint and innovative impact.

Elegance and extravagance in an irresistible gesture of feminine power. A long necklace that gives everything. In the aesthetics of restraint. Castaway presents a cool and contemporary understanding of luxury.


Simply visionary.



Some 5,000 kilometres away from any kind of civilisation and the detriments of industrial society, the atoll Marutea Sud is not only a

paradise in the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean, but is also home to the world’s most exquisite cultured pearls.

Marutea cultured pearls are so seldom in quality and aesthetic that they are naturally limited. A maximum of 100 necklaces and only a few solitaires can be produced each year from only the very finest of the already outstanding winter harvest. At GELLNER, these pearls are

marketed exclusively in the German-speaking sphere and marked with our trademark logo.

Wave Käfig-1.jpg

From soul to soul

Just as the soul of a woman is protected by her beauty, the pearls in Wave, protected by gold and diamonds, mirror this dynamic. Wave convincingly presents the SOUL2SOUL of woman and pearl. As a luxurious embrace full of intimacy and depth. In the highest manufacturing quality. A classic from tomorrow.

Every  Wave  necklace is as unique as its wearer. In the solo-variant, a larger pearl fascinates in a diamond-set gold pendant

with star-appeal. The wearer can follow her preference entirely

when purchasing  Wave , and opt for Tahitian, South Sea, or

Ming cultured pearls. Each pearl has its own specific charisma.

The trio-variant consists of 3 rare multi-intense Marutea pearls,

which are protected within the pendant. Every pearl is left in its

absolutely pure state, just as nature created them.

Every woman can change  Wave  to suit her mood. She can have a direct influence on her jewellery piece and present it in different ways: during the day she might prefer to wear  Wave  without pearls and in the evening she may want a little more. The pendant can be opened and closed safely and easily. With or without pearls, the Wave  is a cool eye-catcher.

No 6

I am delighted to present you with the latest edition of our magazine, for pearl enthusiasts and loyal friends to our brand. It has since become a well-established tradition, presenting the world of Gellner pearls to you by showing the distinctive manner in which we cultivate our pearls: A process thoroughly inspired by the Spirit of Pearls, which we embody and celebrate in each and every irresistible beauty and breathtaking creation brought to you under my name.

A young and vital brand like Gellner, which has achieved a position of outstanding prestige in its operating markets, must always understand every form of tradition as an obligation to information, imagination, inspiration and innovation. This is the goal we pursue: To fascinate you with stunning beauty and to open you to the Spirit of Pearls. Hopefully, this is accomplished by the publication of this magazine, written in editorial form with a bit of an individual touch.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the latest edition of our magazine, where I reveal what truly makes Gellner the success-story it is often said to be.

Share the spirit.

Jorg Gellner, CEO

Magazine No 6 Cover.png



In 1995 GELLNER launched the simple yet memorable design of the tension ring, a style never seen before the pearl jewelry industry. Today, 25 years later, its minimalist and pure design language, in which the pearl almost seems to float, therefore showcasing its stunning

individuality, is an ultimate classic. It is impossible to imagine the GELLNER assortment or the world of jewelry without it.

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Maxima - definitely one of a kind







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